Workplace Wellbeing

 Workplace wellbeing is both a responsibility for an employer and a route to a more motivated, more productive workforce.

wellbeing at work

In the most basic sense, workplace wellbeing is ensuring the health of employees. Legislation covers their physical safety, but increasingly workplace wellbeing incorporates factors which are more difficult to immediately rectify.

Creating a positive working environment, with workplace wellbeing to the fore means having things in place which help employees remain fit – mentally and physically – and which ensure they feel valued.

Done well, the advantages are enormous. Absenteeism drops, there are natural output increases from having happier employees and there are also financial benefits with savings on National Insurance. For example, introducing a cycle to work scheme saves the company around £83 for every employee who joins the scheme.

At Enjoy Benefits, we are a leading UK facilitator of workplace benefits, our speciality is finding the benefits which will work for your business, then implementing them and managing any ongoing administration.

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Positive reasons for change

It is easy to focus on negative reasons for change. Poor workplace wellbeing will lead to demotivated staff, it can lead to more serious mental health issues, and potentially lead to lengthy periods of absence for some employees.

We prefer to think of the positives. Creating a more positive environment, more of a sense among the team that they are truly valued is easy to do.

It doesn’t cost anything – in fact the opposite is true, the employer saves money (quite apart from any drop in absenteeism).

And introducing a suite of workplace benefits also helps both retain the best staff and encourage high quality potential employees to join. In a competitive jobs marketplace, factors such as savings on gym membership, childcare vouchers, deals on car or mobile phone leasing, and health check-ups and screenings can be a head turner for a would-be recruit.

What types of benefit?

At Enjoy Benefits, we can source a wide range of perks for employees. All have strong take-up rates when used in the right workplace, we would be delighted to chat through which benefits we believe would work for you.

One of the most popular benefits is the cycle to work scheme. Cycling to work of course has health benefits, but there are also financial gains for both employer and employee. The employee saves up to 30% on the cost of a bike and equipment, the employer on average saves £83 per employee joining the scheme thanks to NI offsets.

Gym membership is also often highly effective. This is a membership many employees are likely to pay for anyway, by joining a company scheme their payment is made before their salary is taxed, so they save money each and every month. With corporate rates often better than individuals can demand, there is often a double saving, while having several team members join the same gym also has team building benefits.

Another popular benefit with workplace wellbeing implications is the Healthcare Cash Plan, which can start from under a pound a week. With this benefit, employees pay in and then know that when they or a member of their family needs medical treatment they are covered. A benefit like this can help with peace of mind, knowing that any little emergencies are covered.

Part of a jigsaw

Can a single benefit transform workplace wellbeing? Perhaps not, each benefit – be it childcare vouchers (which can save employees £1,000 per year), parking schemes, deals on cars, or cancer screening – does a little bit to both help with peace of mind, show that the company cares, and help pre-empt any issues.

And employees will of course have concerns and problems outside any company’s control. The best the company can do is to show it is a considerate employer, one which values its staff. This is where workplace benefits are key, and where our experience can help.

No company offering workplace benefits can promise to remove all future wellbeing issues. But done well, workplace benefits can save employer and employee some money and lead to a generally fitter, happier and more motivated workplace.

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