What Employee Benefits Are Available?

 What employee benefits are available for an organisation like mine? We’re glad you asked. There is a raft of employee benefits you can give to your team to make their lives easier and keep them highly motivated. And the beauty is that they won’t take much – if anything - out of your bottom line.

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 Like every other employer, you desire to attract the cream of the crop in the market. You also want to keep them productive and motivated, so they don’t get the urge to seek greener pastures.

 We at Enjoy Benefits have come up with ways that you can do this at a fraction of the cost. Here are some of the options:

 Childcare vouchers

 Employees with toddlers need not stress about the cost of having a nanny or taking their kids to a day nursery. They pay less as the fee is deducted from their pay before tax and NI charges are applied. While your staff saves close to £1,000 every year in fees, you also stand to make substantial savings as a business.

 Gym memberships

 A physically fit, healthy employee is a more productive employee. So spending on gym memberships for your workforce is not splurging company resources, it is investing in raising the firm’s productivity. We at Enjoy Benefits believe that these memberships should make economic sense for both the organisation and the employee. With our gym memberships, you get discounts of up to 25% on annual fees while gaining access to a wide range of gyms and leisure centres.

 Cycle to work schemes

 In this age where everyone is going green, perhaps it’s time you lowered your contribution to the harmful emissions in our atmosphere. We’ll help you get a great bicycle along with the required safety gear at amazing discounts.

 Mobile Phone Benefits

Whether you like it or not, many of your staff will be addicted to their mobile phones. But turn this curse into a blessing by making them eternally grateful by helping them to spread the cost of the latest and greatest phone over a period of time, and also part of salary sacrifice.

 Car Parking Benefits

 If you are not blessed with free parking then your staff are doubtlessly being hit hard by car park costs. This needn’t be the case with our salary sacrifice car parking scheme.

 To see all the great salary sacrifice benefits you can offer to your team head here.

 You can and pick and choose the employee benefits you offer as you see fit; there are no contractual tie-ins; you have a dedicated account manager; and we provide all the promotional material to help you get your staff enthused.

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