UK Employee Discounts

There are some great savings employees can benefit from in the UK; employee discounts that range from career screening to vehicle leasing schemes. 


UK employee discounts with Enjoy Benefits include workplace nursery facilities, discount cards, vehicle parking schemes, healthcare cash arrangements, gym memberships, mobile phone plans, cycling to work schemes and childcare vouchers.

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You will be surprised how many of the fantastic discounts for employees in the UK are cost neutral to you and your company.

Take Childcare vouchers as an example. They are typically used to acquire good discounts on registered childcare from birth to the September following a child’s 15th birthday (16 years old for those children with disabilities).

Your childcare voucher total amount is deductible from you gross salary before NI and tax charges are applicable, NI and tax-free. Your employer allocates your childcare voucher’s monetary value to Enjoy Benefits, and we reimburse the childcare provider.

 Save and protect the environment with cycle to work

The cycle to work initiative refers to a UK employee discount whereby you have the opportunity to own a great ride, along with its safety equipment, at inexpensive prices.

Pick a bike and its safety equipment from a retailer of your choice and your employer purchases them and rents them back to you.

 You reimburse your employer over an agreed upon period.

The benefits include saving on servicing, fuel and parking costs while getting you healthier and fitter! It is also great for the environment.

Keep Ahead of Mobile Phone Trends

With the mobile phone plan, one obtains access to the newest handsets at substantial savings from online or high street costs.

No initial outlay or credit checks are necessary, with payments spread through a one-year to three-year period.

The scheme’s monthly deductible gets subtracted from the employee’s gross salary.

Extra UK employee discounts offered by gym and leisure groups are also open to employees.

Be it independent studios or high street chains, offering Pilates, Yoga and various boot camps, enjoy the benefits of leisure activities through Enjoy Benefits today.

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