Cycle to work - a great big green benefit
Keep healthy and save the planet with great savings on great bikes. Choose from small independent bike shops to national chains

How the cycle to work scheme works for the employee

How you save using the cycle to work scheme

  • You save Tax and NI on your repayments, from 32% to 47%*
  • You save on transport costs, parking, fuel and servicing costs
  • You get the keenest prices for the cycle of your dreams
  • You get fitter, more productive, healthier

An example of cycle to work scheme savings**


* this varies dependant on Tax and NI levels

** savings vary from retailer to retailer, the above assumes no preferential discounts and may be subject to a Fair Market Value payment

*** Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover loss or damage, either one of your own choice or one suggested by Enjoy Benefits here

The cycle to work scheme allows you to have the cycle you want, from the retailer you want

All at a price you want, saving you £'s. Show this benefit to your employer, ask them to call us or..
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