Childcare vouchers and how you benefit
Commonly known as Employer Supported Childcare (ESC) soon to be augmented by Tax Free Childcare (TFC)

How it works for the employee

  • Childcare vouchers can be used to pay for all forms of registered childcare from birth right up to the first September after your child's 15th birthday (16th if your child has a disability) 
  • The amount of your childcare voucher is deducted from gross salary by your employer before Tax and NI charges are applied, Tax and NI free! You can read HMRC guidelines here
  • Your employer transfers the monetary value of the childcare voucher to us and we then reimburse your childcare provider

What type of childcare qualifies?

  • Childminder
  • Day nursery
  • Nanny or Au-pair
  • Breakfast clubs & after school clubs, some boarding fees
  • Holiday clubs

 How you save on your fees with childcare vouchers

Parent(s) tax status:

Tax Allowance: £2,916.00 per annum

Income Tax Saving: £583.20 per annum

N.I. Saving: £349.92 per annum

Total Saving: £933.12 per annum

*Basic rate is calculated as 20% and Higher Rate is 40%

Childcare vouchers are very flexible and can be used in most childcare settings, easy to use for everyone

Wondering how to get your employer on board with childcare vouchers? Most employers are only to happy to help as they also save money, ask them to call us or..
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