Work Place Pensions and how we can help
The best pension advice by far in the UK from a leading advisor, and massive Class 1 NI savings

How do workplace pensions work?

  • New legislation now ensures that employees are provided with the correct pension information.
  • Employers need to automatically enrol eligible staff into a qualifying workplace pension scheme
  • Employers also need to make minimum contributions.
  • And constantly review the eligibility of their workforce
  • Enjoy Benefits Ltd have partnered with a leading pensions provider to bring you first class options

How will this benefit my business?

  • Free onsite visit to discuss how the changes will impact upon your business & employees.
  • Free assessment of any existing pension arrangements you have & highlight any changes that may be needed
  • By offering your employees a workplace pension through salary sacrifice, you can create substantial cost savings in Class 1 NI payments.

How will this benefit my employees?

  • Access to the best pension advice in the country from a leading supplier, remove that veil of mystery
  • Gives your employees the opportunity to understand the need to provide for the future
  • Peace of mind and advice on how best to save where individual circumstances differ from employee to employee

How much does it cost my business?

  • No cost to the business to implement, all advice is free
  • Let our partners take on the work involved in setting up the workplace pensions for your employees
  • Savings in Class 1 NI can offset the employer contribution to the workplace pension

*Enjoy Benefits Ltd acts as an introducer to our partner, Charles Stanley & Co Ltd, authorised and regulated by the FCA. Enjoy Benefits Ltd are not authorised to give advice and we are not liable for any protection or financial advice given by any third party. The above content is for information only.

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