Workplace Nursery Provision savings
On fees of £1500 per month, around £7,500 per annum can be made!

How does the workplace nursery provision work?

  • The benefit can be provided either on site or in association with other employers at alternative locations, giving great flexibility for the employee
  • Enjoy Benefits Ltd gives the employer access to a nationwide network of workplace nurseries
    The employer and employees using workplace nurseries have greater input concerning the overall finance and management of the childcare setting
  • Enjoy Benefits Ltd working hand in hand with the employer and the nursery setting means this benefit is easy to manage and extremely cost effective

  How will this benefit my business?

  • Class 1 NI saving on the full amount of the salary sacrifice amount
  • Excellent employee retention benefit and is a major factor in highly skilled employees returning to work after maternity leave.
  • Reduce absenteeism by providing your employees with a practical solution towards their childcare provision.
  • Potentially opens up, retains and attracts access to a wider pool of talent and skill. 
  • Complement your organisation’s work life balance strategy.

Savings Calculator

Number of employees
Average monthly Nursery Fees

How will this benefit my employees?

  • Employees have the ability to choose childcare that is right for them
  • Tax and NI savings of between 32% to 47% on the full amount of the nursery fees
  • Employees choose  the childcare provision in a location that is right for them

 How much does it cost my business?

  • Any capital cost is more than offset by the savings in Class 1 NI contributions
  • There is a time element involved in meeting with the nursery and Enjoy Benefits Ltd
  • For a free consultation even if you have a scheme in place

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