A simple to operate mobile phone scheme
Gives the latest and smartest mobile phones at great rates for employees, and great savings for your business

How does the mobile phone scheme work?

  • The benefit allows employees to spread the cost of a new mobile phone over 12 months
  • The phones are supplied without being tied to a contract and are provided by an Enjoy Benefits Ltd partner supplier and are administered through an online portal
  • The monthly charges are then deducted from gross salary and are free of National Insurance contributions. This is available until April 2017 and schemes in place are protected until April 2018

How will this benefit my business?

  • One of the most tangible benefits you can offer employees on a product nearly all of your employees will own.
  • Delivers employers NIC savings on schemes set up before April 2017, on average around £150 per year per employee.
  • An excellent retention tool and motivational benefit.
  • A simple to set up and administer HMRC compliant scheme  

How will this benefit my employees?

  • Employees can save up to 12% off the cost of their mobile phone.
  • Mobile phones are provided without a contract so can be used on any suitable network.
  • Extremely tangible employee benefit.
  • Access to the latest handsets and significant savings off high street or online costs.
  • No credit check and no initial outlay of money.

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