Leased cars for your employees cuts the cost of motoring
save on personal lease using salary sacrifice to save £'s on motoring costs

How does the benefit work?

Simplydriveit enables the employee to lease a new fully maintained, taxed and insured car through Salary Sacrifice, saving 30% compared to personal leased deals.
Largest tax savings are seen on the lowest Co2 emission vehicles. 
The company leases the vehicle and the employee repays the money through Salary Sacrifice over a 24 or 36 month period.
If the employee leaves the company prior to the end of the agreement, provided a minimum of 6 months’ rentals have been paid, then the car can be handed back with no finance settlement penalty.
On-site roadshows can be provided to promote the scheme to employees (no charge to the employer).

How will this benefit my employees?

  • Provides an affordable way of obtaining a new car.
  • Truly fixed cost motoring.
  • Allows employees to obtain fuel savings through driving a more efficient car.
  • Huge Income Tax and National Insurance Savings on any vehicle until April 2017 and from then on vehicles with Co2 emissions of 75 or less. Current schemes up to April 2017 will be protected until 2021
  • No credit checks.

How will this benefit my business?

  • Increased staff retention.
  • Enhance corporate “green” credentials.
  • Helps towards meeting of Duty of Care obligations.
  • Further increase benefits package.
  • Easy to administer.
  • No cost to the business to implement and delivers a saving through employers’ NIC.
  • Enjoy Benefits can provide a free review if you already have a scheme in place.

Savings for the Employer

  • Typical National Insurance savings of £300 per annum, per vehicle. £900 over a typical 36 month contract.

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Saving on motoring costs for your employees and your business
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