Gym membership at corporate rates
Your employees save on NI as well, saving money, getting fit, happier and more productive.

How does the salary sacrifice gym membership scheme work?

  • Enjoy Benefits have used the purchasing power from over 1,300 companies to negotiate discounts with a large number of leisure and gym groups.
  • Employees can choose from thousands of gym or leisure centres, bootcamps, yoga and pilates studios, high street names as well as independents.
  • This benefit can make a significant difference to employees who want to stay fit and healthy and are looking at ways of reducing the cost of gym membership.
  • The company pays the annual membership upfront and recoups the money from their salary over 12 months.
  • Enjoy Benefits undertakes all the administration.
  • This benefit is deducted from gross, saving  NI for both company and employee *

How will this benefit my business?

  • Healthier fitter employees.
  • Supporting employee wellbeing and finances.
  • Can reduce the premiums on some corporate PMI schemes and saves Class 1 NI as a salary sacrifice.*
  • Reduced absenteeism, increased retention and return to work

How will this benefit my employees?

  • Reduced membership costs and/or a 12% NI saving on the benefit value for basic rate taxpayers and a 2% saving for higher rate taxpayers.
  • Membership savings vary across different providers, averaging being between 10% and 25% off annual membership fees
  • In most cases Enjoy Benefits can switch over employees existing memberships to the corporate scheme.

How much does it cost my business?

The fitter and healthier your employees are, the more productive they will be

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