Cycle To Work Scheme
Offering employees the cycle to work scheme enables them to get a quality, reliable bike at a significantly reduced cost.

How does the salary sacrifice cycle to work scheme work?

  • Employees are able to obtain cycles and safety equipment from the employer, saving the TAX and NI on the salary sacrifice amount
  • Employees can access online, specialist local AND national cycle retailers such as Evans or Halfords
  • The employer purchases the cycle and safety equipment and hires the cycle to the employee  over a specified period*, employees may be given an option to retain the cycle at the end of the hire period
  • Enjoy Benefits Ltd undertakes all the administration
  • Many cycle retailers can hold on-site roadshows to promote the scheme to employees

How will this benefit my business?

  • 13.8 pence saving for each £1 of salary sacrificed on cycles, on average around £83 per cycle up to a maximum of £138 per cycle and is unaffected by the changes to salary sacrifice schemes in April 2017
  • Healthier fitter employees supporting wider employee wellbeing.
  • Cycling is eco-friendly and keeps the organisation’s carbon footprint low. 
  • By fulfilling your corporate social responsibility your organisation will benefit from a positive public perception

How will this benefit my employees?

  • Encourage a healthier fitter lifestyle.
  • You save Tax and NI on your repayments, being either 32%, 42% or 47%**
  • Huge range of cycles and retailers to choose from.
  • Can include safety equipment in with the cost.
  • Incredibly tangible employee benefit.
  • No credit checks

 How much does it cost my business?

  • No cost to the business to implement.
  • The cost of the cycle*** quickly recouped through Salary Sacrifice and savings in Class 1 NI
  • Call now for a free consultation even if you have a scheme in place

* Should the employee leave before the end of the agreement the balance needs to be settled from net pay

** This varies dependant on Tax and NI level and may be subject to a Fair Market Value payment

*** Consumer Credit Licence is required for total value of equipment per employee to exceed £1000

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