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Salary Sacrifice Car Schemes


How can you motivate your staff and make them happier working for you through salary sacrifice car schemes?


We’re glad you asked.


This Enjoy Benefits product allows your employees to own cars much more cheaply than they would if they entered into private leasing schemes.


Cheaper cars courtesy of an employers equals a more contented workforce.


To find out how our salary sacrifice car schemes can work for you, call us on 0800 088 7315 or 0161 443 0390. Or fill our online form, and we will send you more details.


Salary Sacrifice: the cheaper route to car purchase


Your staff will appreciate our salary sacrifice schemes when they find that it is a much cheaper way of financing their vehicle purchase than any personal lease deals.


Also, they don’t have to comply with the rigorous requirements usually demand ed to process car finance as there’s no credit checks.


They will gain savings not just in the purchase of the car, but also in its operation. Our salary sacrifice scheme will help them identify fuel-efficient vehicles with lower CO2 emissions. Lower carbon emissions mean more tax savings for the car owner.


Employer Savings


There are also NI savings in the offing for you as the employer. We have found that your national insurance savings from these schemes can be up to £300 per vehicle every year.


And you will be happy with how our salary sacrifice car schemes are hassle free to implement and administer.


With a cheap vehicle purchase scheme in place, it will be easy not only to keep your current staff motivated but also to entice other professionals to join your firm.


You will also be in good books with the government as it helps towards your Duty of Care requirements.


Get more details on the benefits and terms of our salary sacrifice car scheme by messaging us online or calling 0800 088 7315/0161 443 0390.        

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