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 Salary Sacrifice Car Leasing with Enjoy Benefits


You can lower motoring costs for your employees by introducing salary sacrifice car leasing with Enjoy Benefits.salary sacrifice Car Leasing Scheme


The main benefit of salary sacrifice car leasing is qualifying an employee to lease a wholly insured, taxed and maintained car, saving up to 30% as compared to privately leased deals.


There are also major tax savings on vehicles with the lowest CO2 discharges.


This leasing scheme menas the employer leases the car on behalf of the employee, who repays the credit by salary sacrifice over a period of typically 24 to 36 months.


Should an employee leave a company’s employ before the agreement expires, the vehicle may be returned to the company without incurring a finance settlement penalty, as long as a 6-month minimum period rental has been paid.


Because even great staff benefits like these can fall foul of not being properly communicated or understood by staff. Enjoy Benefits can arrange free on-site campaigns for the promotion of your salary sacrifice car lease scheme.

 Find out more on how salary sacrifice car leasing can work for you by calling us any day of the week on 0800 088 7315 or 0161 443 0390. You can also make enquiries using this form.


How Salary Sacrificed Car Leasing Delivers


The benefits to your employees of a car lease salary sacrifice are numerous and varied.


 This type of car leasing scheme proves an inexpensive path to new car ownership, with an actual fixed cost to motoring, featuring no credit scrutiny.


More efficient vehicles allow employees to realise fuel savings, amongst other types of discounts, including National Insurance and Income Tax bargains.


Salary sacrifice car leasing for businesses


As a business operator, you similarly will benefit, being better able to retain your best staff, while enhancing your business ‘green’ credentials.


This salary sacrifice scheme also enables you to meet your Duty of Care commitments, further accumulating your company’s benefits package.


It is simple to administer, with no business implementation cost while delivering  employers’ NIC savings. Representative National Insurance bargains on a three-year contract are £900, at £300 per year.


Review Existing Car Lease Salary Sacrifice Schemes


Should you already have a salary sacrifice car-leasing scheme, Enjoy Benefits provides, at no cost, a review that assist san employer in determining the best car lease salary scheme for them.


Contact us on 0800 088 7315 or 0161 443 0390 for more details on how you can acquire the latest car models through fixed price deals that deliver substantial motoring savings.



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