Salary Sacrifice Car Lease


A salary sacrifice car lease scheme is the affordable way to help your staff get access to cars they may otherwise have been unable to purchase.


Added to getting a car more cheaply than they would in a private asset finance deal, your employees stand to make great savings on their motoring costs.


 This could be the morale booster you’ve been searching for to take productivity at your business to the next level!


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 salry sacrifice Car Lease Scheme

What your employees gain from salary sacrifice car lease


Here are some of the key benefits of introducing a salary sacrifice car lease scheme in your organisation.


  • Your staff will enjoy savings of up to 30% on their car loan as compared to a private car lease.
  • They get to own fuel-efficient cars that cost less to run.
  • Your employees will be in line for some great tax and National Insurance savings.
  • They won’t face any credit scrutiny.


What employers gain from a salary sacrifice car lease


The benefits of this car lease scheme are not limited to your staff. Check out these great advantages it offers you as an employer.


  • It helps foster an image of you as a caring employer to both your workers and the general public.
  • Clients will be drawn to a partner who takes good care of their workers.
  • The scheme will go a long way to helping you meet your Duty of Care commitments.
  • A better motivated workforce that wants to work for you longer.


Our salary sacrifice car lease is easy to administer, so don’t worry about it complicating your payroll.


If you already have such a scheme, we will be happy to show you what you stand to gain by switching to Enjoy Benefits.


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