Emergency Care for Dependents
Available for child and adult care, one of the fastest growing benefits in the UK

 How does the emergency adult and childcare benefit work?

In the event of a childcare provider (nursery, school, grandparent) closure due to inclement weather, illness or holidays.

  • If a child is mildly ill and unable to go to school/nursery.
  • An employee has to work late or over a weekend, or a business emergency such as a business trip or meeting arises.
  • If a relative is recuperating following a stay in hospital, or suffers from dementia, and regular in-home care has broken down.  
  • When the regular carer needs time away or in cases or a family emergency.

How will this benefit my employees?

  • Emergency Care removes the stress of care breakdown for your employees with a telephone call
  • Access to a fully vetted nationwide network of child and adult care providers delivering high quality care. 

How will this benefit my business?

  • Supporting employee wellbeing  
  • Reducing absenteeism.  
  • Increasing productivity.  
  • Improving retention.
  • Supporting your goal of being an employer of choice to aid recruitment

How much does it cost?

  • Access to the fully vetted network from £125 per month.
  • The company pre-purchase a block of 'care' slots which are made available to the employees over an agreed period


Emergency is a word you don't like to use, yet emergencies happen. Employees all have dependants, children and adults, and care for those dependants can break down suddenly

Having a resource inplace to cover those emergency situations can save you £'s in lost revenue, projects grinding to a halt, and stressed staff do not perform well!
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