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Medical Cash Plan

Enjoy the benefits offered by Medical Cash Plans from as low as 85p per week!

Such health cash plans are extendable to the rest of the family for the provision of emergency and practical medical care.

A medical cash plan is a benefit that aids in the claim of everyday healthcare treatments such as physiotherapy, dental treatments or eye tests while providing support in areas like health screening and MRI Scans.

Once you have received treatment, the cash plan reimburses after you have sent the receipt to the medical cash plan provider. Enjoy Benefits typically about five working days to pay out the claim, through bank transfer.

Also, you can use medical cash plans for the enhancement of any hospital treatment coverage or PMI you may have.

Age is not a variable used in premiums’ pricing; neither do you need a physical exam to join our medical cash plan.

Our health cash plans are usable immediately, even with established medical disorders.

Call us Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5.30 pm on 0161 443 0390/0800 088 7315 for more details.

Medical Cash Plans Make Your Money Go Further

The benefit to your family of a medical cash plan is it makes your salary worth a whole lot more, by offering money back on physio, dental and optical treatments, and more, with all family members inclusive within your plan.

There are also four levels of coverage, which reimburse you 100% of cash benefits, up to a set limit.

Health cash plans are also used to meet unexpected costs, which you may not be able to plan and save for on any regular basis, handing you control of you and your family’s health!

Got already booked treatments? Call 0800 088 7315 or register here now.

The costs of a medical cash plan can begin from as low as 85p a week, where your employer may provide this cover on the basis of ‘company paid’ or through ‘salary sacrifice’. In the case of a ‘company paid’ medical cash plan, one may increase family members or upgrade to an advanced level at one’s own cost.

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