How to Reward Employees

 Every employer knows how important it is to reward employees for the hard work they put in. With our years of experience in the employee benefits and payroll field, we at Enjoy Benefits have come up with several ways to do so.

 We have helped several firms over the years to attract the best workers and keep them motivated, all while keeping their expenditure low.

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 How can Enjoy Benefits help me to reward and motivate my employees while watching my bottom line?

 Here is a summary of packages we offer:

 Childcare vouchers

 These vouchers allow you to pay for your staff’s kids childcare expenses from birth to when they turn 15. By deducting it from the employee’s gross salary, we ensure this benefit is tax-free, leading to savings of up to £933 every year on tax.

 Gym membership

 You can help your workforce keep fit without it taking out too much from your profits. Our gym membership scheme is a win-win deal for both employer and employee offering reduced membership fees and sizeable tax savings. And you get to choose from a wide variety of gyms, yoga centres, leisure centres, Pilates studios, etc.

 Healthcare cash plans

 Ever heard of a healthcare plan that costs just £0.85 per week? That is just one of the exciting possibilities our healthcare cash plans offer. Besides massive savings for the employee, they get their claims processed quickly. Within five working days, we will reimburse them if they paid by cash.

 Unlike your regular health scheme, here your premiums won’t increase with age, and you won’t need to wait for six months for the cover to take effect.

 And Many More Excellent Employee Rewards!

 We have many more great schemes allowing you to reward and incentivize your employees at little to no cost to you. What’s not to like? There are also no contractual tie-ins and we support you in getting schemes going.

 Among our other great rewards for employees are: -

Cycle to work schemes, mobile phone schemes and car parking schemes and workplace nursery provision.

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