Faq section for employers operating childcare voucher schemes

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  • How do we set up a childcare voucher account with Enjoy Benefits Ltd?

  • Do HMRC require any actions from us?

  • How do I make staff aware of this new benefit?

  • What are the charges you make for the scheme?

  • Are there any minimum or maximum numbers of employees the service can cater for?

  • Is there a minimum or maximum period of contract or set period?

  • Is there a cost to the company?

  • How much time do I need to run the scheme?

  • What payment methods are available to the company to pay invoices?

  • How long do our payments to you take to clear, and why?

  • How and when do employees receive their vouchers?

  • Can employees have a refund on the vouchers?

  • Are employees allowed to receive childcare vouchers, or other benefits, whilst on maternity leave?

  • Do we have to approve vouchers every month?

  • How will we be invoiced for the childcare vouchers?

  • Can an employee claim vouchers for a child that is not their own?

  • What happens if one of the employees childcare providers is not registered with Enjoy Benefits?

  • What if an employees childcare cost are more than the tax free allowance a month?

  • There are a few voucher providers, why should we choose Enjoy Benefits Ltd?

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