FAQ section for employees on the childcare voucher scheme

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  • How can I receive this benefit if my employer does not currently offer a childcare vouchers scheme?

  • What is my voucher allowance?

  • What exactly are childcare voucher schemes?

  • Am I eligible to claim childcare vouchers?

  • How much can I save by using vouchers to pay for childcare?

  • When can I start to claim childcare vouchers?

  • Up to what age can I claim the childcare vouchers for my child?

  • Can I use vouchers to pay a family member to look after my child, in mine or their homes?

  • What forms of childcare can I pay for with childcare vouchers?

  • What happens if I am receiving Working Family Tax credit and/or Child Tax credit?

  • Can I pay regular school fees with my vouchers?

  • How do I issue a voucher if I am not sure how much my childcare cost will be?

  • I would like to split my allowance over a number of carers, can I do that?

  • How does the voucher form part of my remuneration?

  • When would I normally receive vouchers or account funding?

  • How do I know how much allowance I have received?

  • How do I access my account to check and issue vouchers?

  • How do I physically receive the vouchers?

  • Can I set up automatic payments to my childcare provider?

  • How does my childcare provider request payment?

  • How can my childcare provider track payments to them?

  • Am I allowed to receive childcare vouchers, or any other benefits, whilst on maternity leave?

  • How can I pay my childcare provider from my account funding?

  • Can both parents claim childcare vouchers?

  • What if I have more than one childcare provider?

  • What If I Change Employers?

  • Do I have to use my voucher the same month I receive them?

  • What if I need to change the childcare provider I use on the vouchers?

  • Who do I contact if I wish to stop childcare vouchers?

  • If I set up an account will I be tied in for a certain amount of time?

  • What support is available if I have a query?

  • What if I only work part time?

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