Employee Utilities Benefits


Employee utilities benefits have been found to increase loyalty, productivity and overall employee contentment - which has to be a positive for your organisation.Utilities _warehouse _signup

We work closely with utilities Warehouse which allows us to significantly cut the cost of home utilities bills, such as gas, electricity, broadband, mobile phones and phone line rental, for your employees.

Utility bill savings are viewed by employees as a significant benefit and are a simple way for employers to improve the all important employer-employee relationship.

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Employee Savings on Utilities

Utilities Warehouse guarantees to search out and find for each employee household the cheapest and most reliable provider for each utility.

Utilities Warehouse came top of a recent ‘Which’ survey for both customer service and value for money.

Utilities Warehouse believe customers should be free to switch supplier if they wish therefore there is no minimum contract term. The employee’s household can receive an extra 10% off the first years fuel cost if all four services are taken.

Utilities Warehouse customers receive just one bill each month. All services are clearly shown, offering both convenience and simpler household budgeting.

Employees can further reduce utilities bills by paying for their everyday shopping with a Utilities Warehouse card. A wide range of retailers give 3 – 7% of your spend back, as money off the monthly utilities bill. Retailers include Argos, Asda, M & S, Sainsbury, Boots, B&Q, Zizzi, Thorntons and House of Fraser.

With another 2,000 online retailers giving money back, most households report savings of £30 – £70 per month – translating to £840 a year. Quite a bonus for your employees.

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