Employee Childcare Vouchers

 Employee childcare vouchers are the key workplace benefit for many employees.

The reason is that for many people childcare is a huge issue when it comes to maintaining a healthy work/life balance. The good news is that employee childcare vouchers from Enjoy Benefits can help transform the lives of your employees and your business too.

How so? Well, you save money, employees save money, and their children get great childcare too. What’s not to like?

‘How do employee childcare vouchers work?’

Childcare Vouchers can be used by employees to pay for all forms of registered childcare from birth right up to the first September after a child’s 15th birthday (16 if the child has a disability).  So they are not just for children in nursery. Most of your staff will probably need some sort of childcare solutions. So why not offer them?

You deduct the childcare voucher amount from gross pay before Tax and NI is applied – so it comes straight out of the employee’s salary.

Those funds are then transferred to Enjoy Benefits to make payments to the childcare providers.

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What are the benefits?

Huge. For everyone.

The employee, depending on how many vouchers and children they have, can save between £623 and £933 per annum in Tax and NI charges. A huge saving.

The employee can choose from a large range of qualifying childcare provision options, so they are not tied in to a single nursery who accepts the voucher.

Even better, there are substantial savings for your company.

You are eligible to a Class 1 NI saving for each £1 of an employee’s salary exchanged for Childcare Vouchers, which on average works out at £250 per annum per employee.

Helping your employees fund and provide adequate childcare tends to lead to increased morale, and often positively affects absenteeism and return to work after maternity.

Enjoy Benefits can also provide a full range of other workplace benefits, ranging from cycle to work schemes to gym membership to deals on cars mobile phones to medical insurance, car parking schemes and much more.

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You can also read more about childcare vouchers here.

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