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Employee Benefits Solutions

 Employers are increasingly looking to employee benefits solutions.

 It’s easy to see why. Providing pay rises in a time of austerity isn’t always feasible and this can lead to a decline in employee motivation.

 Employee benefits, however, usually come cost neutral to employees so are a perfect solution. Especially when they make serious savings for employees.

 Enjoy Benefits offer a raft of flexible employee benefit solutions for employers, allowing them to pick and choose ones most suitable for them. They can turn these benefits on and off through using our hosted employee benefits portal, which is both simple and effective.

 It helps raise staff morale seeing the savings made from their benefits alongside their salaries, and can be offered to employees by employers when staff have hit a certain milestone e.g. six months’ employment.

 Morale and Motivation

 But employee benefits do not simply solve staff morale and motivation issues.

 They also help you attract the best possible staff as you can feature staff benefits as part of your company details when advertising for jobs.

 There’s few employees in the UK who won’t welcome solutions that provide savings on childcare, cost of mobile phones or gym memberships.

 Call us on 0800 088 7315 or 0161 443 0390 to get info on the full range of employee benefit solutions we offer. You can also send us a query online, and we will get straight back to you.

 We have staff benefit solutions for you!

Whether you want end-to-end employee benefits solutions or want to choose individual products, we have what you’re looking for. And you will be assured of first class service from a dedicated account manager. Below are some of the benefits we offer your employees:

Childcare vouchers: Your employees can have access to registered childcare providers of all kinds NI and tax-free. Right from when they are born to when they turn 15, their kids can get quality care affordably.

Gym memberships: This is one of the employee benefits solutions that helps take care of your staff’s physical wellbeing at up to 25% less than standard charges. They will have a wide selection of gyms, leisure clubs and yoga studios to choose from.

Mobile phone scheme:  Staff can enjoy access to the newest smartphones without having to feel the pinch. They can pay for their gadget of choice over 12 months, and the deductions will be made directly from their gross pay.

Car lease scheme:   With this employee benefit scheme, your workforce can get access to the latest car models. These cars are fuel efficient, therefore offering employees savings in more than one way.

Car parking scheme:  This benefit solves the perennial problem of parking by availing a discounted season parking ticket. 

 Workplace nursery: A countrywide network of workplace nurseries is waiting to take care of your employees’ kids. In the process, you stand to save almost 50% on your nursery fees.

 Healthcare cash plans:  With this solution, you will be able to make savings of almost £1,000 on dentist and optician visits.

 Cycle to work: Workers who prefer to cycle to work can get access to superb bikes and bike gear at great rates.

Fill in our online form and tell us which benefits you would like to get your staff on. You can talk to us as well by dialing 0800 088 7315 or 0161 443 0390.


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