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Employee Benefits for Small and Medium Businesses


If you’re thinking of ways to hike up motivation among your employees and make them more productive, employee benefit schemesavailable for small and medium businesses are worth considering. Enjoy Benefits has come up with a range of attractive ways through which your staff can channel their wages into great benefits for them and their families without it having to hit your coffers hard.

 Find out which employee benefit packages can work for your workforce by calling us on 0800 088 7315 or selecting from the options here.


The savings we offer apply to a number of staff benefits. If you offer employees with toddlers childcare vouchers, we can help you get the best care at very attractive rates. We will help you save as much as £933 per parent on childcare fees. If you have a workplace nursery where you pay at least £15,000, we can help you save about £7,600 a year on tax and national insurance.



You can save up to £935 on your healthcare cash plans when your employees seek dental care, see an optician or therapists. Our staff benefit programmes also ensure that cancer screening costs less.



Your employees can enjoy a car leasing scheme without feeling too much of a pinch with one of our great travel benefit plans. We will enable them to find the newest models of fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly cars that will attract lower tax. Our savings for your driving staff extend to helping them get parking at discounted rates. If some of your employees have already embraced the green lifestyle and are cycling to work, we will help get them bikes and other necessary gear and pay for them at a pace they can manage.


Enjoy Benefits is the automatic choice for many companies because of the quality of service we offer our clients. We have a robust, user-friendly web-based system that will allow you to manage your staff benefits easily. In addition to this, our support team is always available to answer any queries.


Select the employee benefits you would like to make savings on and we will get back to you with information on how you can get started.





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