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Employee Benefit Savings

Motivating the workforce just became more convenient and pocket-friendly for employers’ courtesy of employee benefit savings available from us.

 With Enjoy Benefits, you will be able to attract the best talent in the market with a host of great employee benefits, and retain and motivate your current employees due to the savings they get from these benefits.

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Great Savings from Employee Benefits 

We offer great flexibility with our range of products; you can opt for a full HR service or pick a specific employee benefit that meets your needs.

 When you choose us as your employee benefits partner, you will help your employees make the most of their salaries while enjoying great savings.

On this page, the chart illustrates the great savings from our employee benefits available to your staff.

Below are some of the great benefits we can help you offer your employees:

 Gym memberships: You can have a healthier, physically more active workforce without breaking the bank. They will be able to enroll for memberships at any of thousands of gyms and leisure centres. We also offer them the chance to take up membership in a wide selection of yoga and Pilates studios as well as boot camps.

When they sign up, your employees will be amazed at how low the membership costs are for them. Annual membership fees can be as low as 25% less.

 Mobile phone scheme: Offer your staff the latest handsets in the market while allowing them to pay over 12 months. The purchase of the phone will be almost painless for your staff as the repayments will be deducted directly from their pay.

 Unlike a regular purchase scheme, your staff will end up making savings of to 12% on the phone with this employee benefit.

 Your staff will be happy to find out they won’t be forced to subscribe to a particular network as the handsets come unlocked.

 Childcare vouchers: Another benefit we make possible for employers is childcare vouchers. These can come in handy when paying for registered childcare.

 This benefit applies from the time a child is born right up to after they turn 15.

Whether your employees need nannies, a childminder or an au-pair, we can help you get such care for them. They will not feel as much of a pinch as the care will be provided tax and NI-free. 

 These are just a few of the benefits Enjoy can help you make available to your staff. Others include cycle to work, healthcare cash plans, car lease schemes, car parking schemes and workplace nursery.

 All these benefits provide great savings for employees. All these benefits are normal cost neutral to you and simple to administer through our online portal.

 You simply select the benefits you wish to offer, and your staff will see the savings these benefits have made them

 Find out more by calling 0800 088 7315 or requesting information using our online form.

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