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 Enjoy Benefits provide many staff benefits for London employers designed to improve staff motivation loyalty, retention and help in recruiting new staff.

We take the strain of sourcing and running staff benefits away from employers in London at no added cost.

Staff Benefits heighten staff motivation and loyalty. They cut costs for your London employees while delivering the impact of traditional motivational devices like bonuses and performance-based pay-outs

All our London staff benefit schemes are structured to make employers’ lives easier.

We do not fix monthly charges, we dot not require a minimum commitment (unlike competitors) and we mainly won’t demand contractual tie-ins.

Why Choose Our London Staff Benefits?

We make it easy for London employers to reap the benefits without the effort.

All any London employer needs to do is tell us what you want, and we’ll handle the rest - talking to your employees and dealing with their enquiries.

You will get:

a conscientious staff benefits account manager

All the relevant documents for these benefits, and all the necessary promotional material

In-depth invoices and payroll summaries

Help at the end of a telephone for your London employees - and employers. We do not operate a call centre, as we see our personal customer service as a strong point of differentiation.

A company with strong experience in the provision of staff benefits, with numerous prestigious UK clients who will recommend our staff benefit schemes.

A hugely flexible staff benefit service bespoke for your requirements; e.g. if your staff want to join many different gyms in the London area, then, no problem, we will arrange in tandem with your requirements.

Any help you may need with benefits fairs, presentations or one to one’s with your staff

A service already accredited for the safety and security of its systems

Our London Staff Benefits

We deliver a range of staff benefits because all companies have a range of staff. Some will be motivated by savings on child care provision, while some will be motivated by savings on gym memberships.

For parents at work, we are experienced at administering childcare vouchers schemes. These make a big difference to cutting childcosts , with savings of up to £933 p.a. available - and, of course, their subsequent enhanced loyalty and motivation at work.

Enjoy Benefits can extend childcare staff benefits to an London-based company by devising and implementing workplace nursery provision, should an London employer have many working parents.

We also offer a host of staff well being benefits to London employers. These keep staff healthy, happy and motivated, and cut absenteeism at work. Included in these benefits are corporate gym membership savings, with flexible arrangement to choose gyms and sport clubs, wellness programmes for pivotal personnel, allowing them to achieve their work and life goals, plus posture and quit smoking programmes, which all improve staff well being.

We offer a host of travel staff benefits, cutting costs of travel to work and car parking in London, something staff will always be thankful for. These feature corporate car parking membership.

And, even when your employees are in their London homes, we still can provide staff benefits to help them make savings. By partnering with Utility Warehouse, we aim to reduce utility costs across the board for London employees.

And, we can offer any London company HR support for short or long-term periods, depending on their requirements.

All our London staff benefits share a common purpose - increasing motivation and loyalty of the London workforce without adding cost or admin pain for London employers.

Contact us to find out more about how we help London employers improve the motivation and loyalty of their staff.

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