Data security and ISO accreditation
  • We have attained compliance with the latest ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and BS OHSAS 18001 standards and this gives our clients extra assurance that we comply with all relevant processes and legislation with regard to data security, systems and relevant certification.
  • Enjoy Benefits Ltd appreciates that clients and users of our Benefits Schemes are rightly concerned about the details and infomation we hold for them. We are registered as required under the Data Protection Act 1988
  • Data Protection Registration Number Z9173368
  • You will notice that communications between your browser and our server are encrypted, hence the https URL and the padlock in your browser.
  • We also run the secure part of the site as a sub domain -,, both URL's have seperate certificates
  • We also work closely with our data storage experts, Coreix and Virtus, through our server solution supplier, Nimbus Hosting. Please go to Virtus and Coreix to see the steps that they take to protect information and data relating to our Benefit Schemes.
  • We also have systems to protect the information we work on at the main office and we have secure servers deployed at our offices to protect the data we work on daily. 


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